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Welcome to Ellie McGinnis Co. 

I love being outside. Hunting, hiking and fishing are my favorite things to do, and creating art has always been a close second. A few years ago, it was spring turkey season and I found myself ripping off all my camo after a morning hunt. I didn’t want to go to town for breakfast looking invisible! I love using camo for its intended use, but I’ve never been an all-day wearer of the pattern and avoided wearing camo hunting themed shirts. Hot pink and camo has just never been my style! Around that time, I had an epiphany! What if I made a hunting brand for girls that wasn’t dripping in camo? What if I ditched the hot pink and used a palette of pastels instead? What if I made classy hunting clothes for girls that you could wear outside of the blind or stand?


I have always loved Southern prep t-shirts, so I began coming up with a unique aesthetic using my hand drawn illustrations that had the southern prep vibe but represented the huntress. I think what I came up with is a revamped version of women's hunting apparel that's a little classier and a lot more colorful. And while I was drawing wild turkey and deer, I couldn’t stop doodling basset hounds and magnolias, which is why I decided Ellie McGinnis Co. had to have a Southern themed collection, too!


I knew if I was serious about making a brand, I was going to have to educate myself a bit. I recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Media and Design with an emphasis in Illustration, Business and Merchandising from the University of Kentucky.


While in school, I tirelessly worked on creating the Ellie McGinnis Co. brand and what I wanted it to represent. I think the slogan below sums it up well.

"Inner Beauty Starts Outdoors"

Inner beauty is more important and more beautiful than someone’s outward appearance. Inner beauty shines when someone is confident in themselves and happy with who they are.

I’m still in the middle of my journey of finding my own inner beauty, but I know I wouldn’t have gotten this far without outdoor sports and activities which have helped me gain bounds of confidence and a new appreciation for myself. I hope the Ellie McGinnis Co. brand encourages women and girls to use the great outdoors as a vehicle to find confidence in themselves, try new things, set goals and learn new skills that only the outdoors can offer.

I wanted to make high quality clothes that women could wear outside and feel confident and comfortable in while wearing a design that reflects their favorite outdoor sports and activities. I hope others will notice someone wearing an EM Co. shirt and be inspired to get outside, too! All of my hand drawn, original designs whether they are hunting or Southern themed, all have hints of the outdoors. I hope this brand can help create a sisterhood of women outdoor enthusiasts who live in and out of the South that help each other find their inner beauty with the help of being outside.

Ellie McGinnis

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