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Hunting Buddies

Updated: May 6, 2019

It’s really nice to have someone to sit with in the deer stand. If you’re like me, you get fidgety and can’t sit still for long, which makes deer hunting a little tricky at times! I almost have to have my husband with me just to remind me to be still and quiet. Without him monitoring my every move, I’m sure I would always get busted by a deer before I even knew it was there. Usually, a hunter will spend hours and hours at a time high in a tree, so it’s great to have someone to make very quiet conversation with to help the down time be more enjoyable. Just make sure you don’t make each other laugh! Having a deer hunting buddy is also a great safety precaution. Unfortunately, hunting accidents happen every year and having a hunting buddy may help you avoid an accident or at least get you the help you need much faster than if you were alone. It’s also wonderful to share a moment as exciting as finally shooting a deer with someone else. It’s one thing to tell someone your hunting stories, but another to share your hunting memories with someone. So, if possible, always have a hunting buddy!

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