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Summer Melons

Updated: May 6, 2019

Derby weekend is right around the corner which means it'll be time to put the maters and the melons in the ground! Honestly, my husband is the expert Gardner, I just get to sit back and enjoy the harvest. Every once in a while I get bribed into weeding, but Wade doe's most of the real work. Last year he planted watermelon seeds and by mid-summer they were giant, sweet, beautiful mouthfuls of bliss! Not only do they taste wonderful, they also look so pretty laying in the tall, thick sweet grass. Wade checked on them daily, rolled them over regularly to make sure they didn’t rot, and when he finally plucked them off the stem, I think he was sad that the growing process was over, but excited to try a bite of his prize. We also grow a variety of other things like peppers, squash, cucumber, and broccoli heads the size of my dog. He takes his gardening very seriously, and some of our only fights are over missing suckers on tomato plants. But, if that’s all we have to fight about, and we get tomatoes, watermelons and broccoli out of it, I think we must be doing something right! 

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