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The Process

I love to draw. Every assignment turned in from pre-k to 16th grade in college likely had some kind of doodle on the back or in a corner. Drawing is my jam, and I’m thankful it’s something I love to do. Every one of Ellie McGinnis Co.’s stickers and t-shirt designs started as a mock up sketch, then a finalized drawing with shading, crosshatching and detailed line work. Then, they are scanned into my desktop and colored in using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Even the Ellie McGinnis Co. logo was drawn with a marker! To make my brand unique and give it a cohesive appearance, I knew I wanted to draw everything. No vectored, copied images from the internet, no solely in computer made art. I do not limit myself to a certain amount of colors like many shirt artists do for printing purposes. Because of this, I’ve had to search far and wide for the best screen printers in the South that could pull of printing designs with tons of colors. The finished product is a piece of art drawn by me, and another piece of art printed by my printers for a unique piece of clothing for you to enjoy.

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