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Design Process

I work closely with my clients, typically over a week's time, to bring their idea to life. Whether it's a t-shirt design, sticker, whole branding package or business card, I try to get to know my clients and their business on day one so I can understand their goal, preferred esthetic and style. 

The below example of how my process works was for a 5-color illustrative t-shirt design for a Lexington, KY based macaron bakery and coffee shop. Together, the owner and I created a beautiful illustrative image that incorporated her preferred color palette and illustrative style. 

Step 1.


All of my work starts with paper and pencil. Step one is all about rough drafts to get a basic idea of what the client is hoping for. Paper and pencil are the best way for me to easily and quickly manipulate an idea before it's scanned into my computer for additional work. The below sketches were the clients favorites, so we decided to continue working with these ideas. 

Step 2. 

The rough sketches were scanned into my computer and then color was added to further the process and see how the client felt about them with a maximum of 5 colors added. I write notes on drafts for the client to review and consider. Drafts are sent via email. Although phone calls are sometimes necessary throughout the process, most of the design and draft critiques and approvals can often be done exclusively via email.
Moch Up 2 - Color.jpg

Step 3.


After consideration and some time, the client decided on which design she liked the best. We discussed a few slight changes for the final illustration. Below is the detailed final illustration with paper and pencil. 

Step 4.

After putting the final illustration into Adobe Suites, we played with color variations - this is my favorite part! We also played around with handwritten or computerized typefaces

7 x mas colors.jpg
Step 5.

We finally reached our finished piece! My client was then sent her final image in various formats via email. 
Vinyl Sticker 

Elkhorn Yard Cards 

Here's some samples of the drafts I made for Elkhorn Yard Cards out of Georgetown KY. 

Elkhorn YC's 1.jpg
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